Olé Watches

High quality casual watches designed in Melbourne.

OLÉ watches are proudly produced by Media Ink, a Melbourne based publisher of high end glossy jewellery magazines, now producing a number of ranges of casual fashion timepieces.

First established in 1991, Media Ink has worked with many of Australia’s major jewellery houses and importers of luxury watch brands.

For us, a watch has always been much more than a simple device to tell the time, as even in this digital age they remain relevant, and a unique expression of personal style.


Our watches

When shopping for a casual timepiece for yourself or as a gift, you need to be confident that your chosen watch is well priced, looks the goods, and is made to last.

All of the OLÉ watches are manufactured from stainless steel, specialised alloys and hardened mineral glass. The latest Japanese quartz mechanisms power each model in our range.

All watches in the OLÉ 1.0, OLÉ 900, DESTINATION and NATO ranges include an additional black watch band, just the thing for evening or more formal occasions. These models all come exceptionally well packaged in our own “Eskimo Pie” watch box. The PINK range are equally well packaged in their unique hot pink window faced watch box.

Watches are the perfect accessory for both men and women, and collecting a few favourites that can be worn and changed to suit your mood or event is a joy.

Time is a precious commodity.



The DESTINATION range of casual time pieces have been designed in Melbourne and inspired by many of our favourite places and local regions.

These limited edition times pieces have all been created to celebrate the journey, the destination and even just the coming weekend.

Time to celebrate.